100 Dino-mite Days of School!

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Gender neutral 100th Day of school shirt with dinosaurs - good for both boys and girls.

Tis the season for 100th Day of School festivities! I’ve seen some really cute ideas floating around on social media the past 2 weeks or so. I’m not sure when this became a thing but it is definitely a big deal now. Different schools do different things- dress like you are 100 years old, put 100 things on a poster, wear a t-shirt with 100 things etc. Thing 1 had to decorate a t-shirt with 100 things for his kindergarten class. Since he was having a celebration in class that parents were invited to attend with little stations we also were asked to donate some snacks etc.

For his shirt we went through quite a few different ideas. One of them involved 100 transformers but I have no idea how he planned to pull that one off. In the end, we went with dinosaurs. I ordered these dinosaur foam stickers and used fabric paint to write out “100 Dino-Mite Days.” I liked that he was able to help put the stickers on his shirt and that it wasn’t just homework for me.

100 days of school dinosaur shirt

I honestly didn’t expect the dinosaurs to stay on but I was pleasantly surprised. He only lost one that he zipped up in his jacket. The rest stayed on really well. There were some really cute shirts on the other kids in his class, too. We saw a rainbow made out of 100 pom-poms, a gum ball machine, Baby Yoda, stars, hearts, and lots of other clever ideas.

Gender neutral 100th Day of school shirt with dinosaurs - good for both boys and girls.

For more ideas you can check out this post in my private Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dailydealdetectives/permalink/1050147055350364/

Does your school celebrate the 100th day of school? What do you do?


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