2023 Gift Guides

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Every year I round up gift ideas that I think will be popular. My hope is to take just a little bit of the stress out of holiday shopping and find things for everyone on your list! I hope you find the lists helpful and they make your holiday season easier.

Gift Ideas for Kids

Lots of fun ideas for kids this year! The most popular toys BY FAR for my followers have been the My Puppy’s Home and the HamsterMania hamsters. My boys are still into Pokemon so that’s still a safe bet as well. A surprise to me was the resurgence of Fingerlings- I definitely didn’t see that one coming!

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Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Some fun ideas for teen boys! I have one of the little Frigidere fridges and thought it would be fun for bedroom sodas or water bottles. The Sneakerasers have been SUPER popular and would be a good stocking stuffer for a sneaker head.

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Gift Ideas for Teen Girls 

Beauty and skincare products are still heavily trending for teen girls. One of my favorite finds is the Hinge nail polish holder. I actually bought one for myself.

Shop here: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/cDWlC 

Gifts for Him

I tried to hit a variety of interests and price points for the men’s gifts. If you have a coffee lover on your list you really can’t go wrong with an ember mug. My husband is getting Phoozy phone case in his stocking- it keeps it from overheating in the sun.

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Gifts for Her

As always, my Gift Guide for her includes almost exclusively items I already bought for myself lol. The Laneige lip mask sets are SO nice and I buy them every year. The Tree Hut sugar scrubs have been super popular this year and I love the Deep Steep bubble bath. If you want to splurge, the Shark Flex Style and Ember Mug are 2 of my favorite things. I bought the Nest Holiday plug in after smelling it on Fifth Avenue and becoming obsessed.

Shop here: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/VqwSy 

Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

It’s always so fun to shop for little ones. Many of the toys on this guide we had (or still have!). The most “popular” toy this year for this age group is the Elmo Slide if you are looking for a trendy gift. If you want a “big” gift that will get lots of use I definitely recommend a water table.

Shop here: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/b7QeI 


Beauty Gift Sets

I did an entire blog post on beauty gift sets this year. You can check out all my recommendations here.



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