As If I Needed Another Reason to Love Fiesta Dishes…

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I came across an article today that made me smile. I love Fiesta dishes for many reasons: durability, made in America, lead free, and of course the pretty colors. Now I can add another reason: they are considered sustainable dinnerware. I learned some fun green facts from the article pulled from HLC’s green statement pledge.

  • To continue to provide a safe, reusable product free of harmful materials. There is no lead in the paint or glaze of Fiesta dinnerware.
  • To vigilantly pursue innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the global landscape. HLC reroutes waste kiln heat to other processes. They blend their waste clay back into the formation process. The products are only made in the U.S.A. so they don’t have to transport anything overseas.
  • To reduce or eliminate our resource consumption and recycle what we use. HLC has impressive conservation efforts for their packaging, wastewater, and ordering processes. They also send non-saleable dinnerware to a refinery that uses them as aggregate for tabletops and countertops.

Although the dishes can be pricey I have found that there are usually good sales at Amazon and Macys that make them really affordable. You can also buy them from the factory outlet. Fair Warning: Fiesta dishes can be addicting!


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