Ten Eco Friendly Laundry Tips

This post is part 1 of a series on Eco-friendly laundry. Tomorrow I’ll review some actual products you can use. 1. Do less laundry- Wear clothes more than once One of the easiest ways to… View Post

Little Green Pouch Review + Giveaway

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Reusable Cloth Snack Bag Review

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A Greener Period: Part 3- A Cloth Pads Primer

Using cloth pads is not nearly as gross as I thought it would be. I originally bought these organic pantyliners by Imse Vimse to use as backup for my Diva Cup . I ended up liking… View Post

A Greener Period: Part 2- Why?

The question I have heard the most this week is “Why are you doing this?” I think a lot of people see it as gross and an awful lot of work when disposables are such… View Post