Christmas Decoration Storage

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Christmas decor storage solutions including gift wrap storage, ornament storage boxes, Christmas light storage, and christmas tree storage.

As much as I love decorating the house for Christmas I hate having to take it all down. Not only does the house feel so empty after but it’s also SO tedious. We don’t take down our tree until Epiphany / Three Kings Day (January 6). I’m always excited to put everything up but taking it down is such a chore. I’ve rounded up some of the handy storage solutions that makes my life so much easier when storing all the holiday decor.

Wrapping Paper  Storage Organizer

Wrapping paper storage organizer bag.

I LOVE this wrapping paper organizer. It really has been a game changer for me. I keep all of my paper, ribbon, tape, gift tags,  gift bags etc in it. I even keep a sharpie and pair of scissors in it so I’m always ready to wrap presents.

Christmas Tree Storage

Christmas tree storage bag

This quilted Christmas tree storage bag is SO nice. There’s also one with regular fabric that’s a little cheaper. They have wheels making it easy to move. I like that there’s a place to label what’s in it since I have multiple trees.

Wreath Storage

Christmas wreath storage bag

I love this wreath storage bag because it holds 2 wreaths and comes in 3 size options. We have French doors so I put up 2 wreaths. It also comes in a single option though if you only have one. The single bag comes in 4 sizes if you have a really large wreath.


Christmas Ornament Storage

Christmas ornament organizer box

I keep a bunch of my ornaments in under the bed storage boxes but years ago the number I had outgrew the space available. THIS is the year I decided to get organized and come up with storage solutions for all the overflow. This wheeled bag is awesome and stores ornaments on both sides. I’m going to use it for all my glass balls etc. I like that you can make the cardboard dividers different sizes. It folds up nicely and has wheels to make it super mobile:

christmas ornament organizer box with wheels

I give my boys an ornament every year so I also got a smaller box for each of their ornaments to keep them organized. I got one each of the stacking box and the drawer box because I wasn’t sure which we would like best.

christmas ornament boxes


Christmas Light Storage

Christmas lights storage bag with metal reels

If your Christmas Lights have a tendency to get tangled these metal reels with storage bags are genius! They keep them all organized and ready to hang the next year.


I hope these ideas were helpful and make taking down all of your Christmas decorations just a tiny bit easier! Let me know if you have any tips or tricks of your own for storing holiday decor in the comments!


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