Compostable sneakers- the next big thing or just odd?

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     So I read thisarticle on compostable sneakers and was intrigued by the idea. At first I envisioned sneakers that melted off your feet when it rained. Apparently, they are a little more durable than that. “Made using hemp, cork, bio-cotton, certified biodegradable plastics, chlorine-free bleach and other nontoxic materials, the shoes are designed to completely break down when buried in the ground.” The concept is the brain child of a Dutch duo who call their company OATS. You can’t buy them yet, but they are keeping all of their potential customers up to date with a blog. The initial sales will only be released in Europe. They have stirred up a lot of buzz. The shoes won second prize at last month’s Green Fashion Awards in Amsterdam. No price is posted so I am wary about what they will charge for these “green” shoes.

     I honestly never really thought about what happens to my sneakers after I am done wearing them since I usually donate them. I have seen some pretty snazzy planters made out of old boots though. I’m not big on high tops but I guess it would be pretty cool to plant your shoes in your back yard. They have wildflower seeds in the tongue so they would actually grow something. It’s definitely an interesting idea.


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  1. Aimee Nadow
    February 28, 2011 / 12:01 am

    I love them. I'd wear a pair! 🙂 Especially nifty: the wildflower seeds in the tongue! Awesome! I wouldn't want to get mine wet though- because they might grow or start to rot in advance of planned retirement! Lol!