Easter Bunny Hand Tracing Craft

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Cute Easter Bunny hand tracing craft for kids. Develops fine motor skills and is a fun holiday activity. No mess and easy to make.

I had so many plans and ideas about what Easter would look like this year but quarantine has turned all of them upside down. If I’m honest, I feel a great deal of guilt that I haven’t done as many fun crafts and projects with the children as I expected to do. Suddenly having to homeschool was not part of the plan and everything has had to adjust. But, this is one project that we DID manage to do.

One of the reasons I wanted to share this one is that it doesn’t take a lot of complicated materials. All you really need is construction paper, scissors, and some markers. With things the way they are I think it’s best to do projects that don’t require me to source novel materials. We were able to do these with items we already had on hand (no pun intended).

Another great benefit of this activity is that it develops fine motor skills through tracing, cutting and folding. We started by tracing our hands and cutting them out.

Once we had our hands cut out I showed them how to fold them. We folded the middle finger backwards. The two outer fingers we folded forward to create little arms.

We then decorated our bunnies with little faces and colored in their ears and paws.

My kids loved their little bunnies. Right now I have them hanging up as Easter decorations but I think  I will laminate them with my pocket laminator. They are so cute and I think I will bring them out every year.



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