Fall Craft Bubble Wrap Tree Painting

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Parenting confession: I have been seriously slacking on craft time with K. I thought with D in school it would be easier and I would do more fun crafts with the baby. This has not been the case. I feel like I’m constantly behind on things and more often than not craft time becomes “coloring book” time. So I’m setting a goal of 2 “messy” activities a week minimum with K so he doesn’t get left out.

This one I’m pretty excited about because we used things we had on hand.


I ALWAYS have tons of Amazon mailers lying around so this was a great way to repurpose one. I cut a few squares out of it to paint with. Then I painted tree branches on the canvas for K. You can do this ahead of time if you want to let it dry first.

The next step was to squirt a few dots of Fall colored paint. I used a piece of the bubble mailer as a palette and it worked GREAT. I will definitely do this again in the future. I chose the brown left over from the tree plus orange, yellow, and some glitter red.

Next, we used the bubble side of the mailer cut outs and loaded paint on them. I dabbed a little off first before letting K start to paint.

Then I let him go to town dabbing the paint on to make leaves. This took some self control on my part because I tend to be a perfectionist. I feel like I constantly have to remind myself that this is NOT about me and the important thing is for him to have fun and enjoy the process.

This one was a hit! He loved it and it was nice being able to just throw away the bubble wrap at the end. It was a fairly easy clean up as far as toddler crafts go. The final result is pretty neat, too. I loved seeing how proud he was of his work.

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