Fall Leaf Painting Activity for Preschoolers and Toddlers

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This Fall Leaf Painting activity is the perfect seasonal craft for toddlers and preschoolers. Learn about Autumn leaves and colors and develop fine motor skills.

We have started a new unit in our homeschool Montessori preschool. We are learning about seasons! I introduced the concept of seasons today with this fun leaf painting activity. Step by step instructions are below! This is a great fall kids craft.

What You’ll Need:

Fall Kids Craft Instructions:

Step 1: Collect an assortment of fall leaves. Bonus points if you let your little one collect them on a nature walk!

Fall leaves

Step 2: Use scotch tape to attach leaves to a piece of paper. I folded the tape over so it wouldn’t be part of the final painting.

Step 3: Place the paper and leaves on some newspaper or craft paper to protect your table- your child will paint to the edge of the page. We have this roll of brown craft paper and use it for EVERYTHING!

Fall leaves on a sheet of paper

Step 4: Let the painting begin! I think sponge paint brushes work best for this activity since they are more forgiving. I showed D how to paint along the edges of the leaves.

toddler painting fall leaves

Step 5: Remove the leaves when your child is done painting. We did this when the picture was still wet so the leaves wouldn’t dry into the paint and get stuck.

Fall kids craft leaf painting

I LOVE how this turned out! D really enjoyed it! His favorite part was that I let him add red glitter paint to the project.

Let me know if you try this activity out in the comments! I love seeing pictures!


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