FREE PRINTABLE: St. Patrick’s Day Craft Dot Marker Relief Shamrock

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Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Dot Marker Craft for toddlers and preschool. Great for fine motor skills and mess free art.


I don’t know how everyone else has been doing but I have been slacking on seasonal crafts since Christmas. I totally phoned in Valentine’s Day. So I decided I better get something together for St. Patrick’s Day so my kids don’t feel completely neglected (j/k they probably don’t give a crap either way).

Right now both boys are loving Dot Markers so I figured that would be an easy and relatively painless way to do the craft. I figured a Dot Marker Relief Shamrock would get the job done and they could focus on the fun part- dotting! I free handed the example but I made a free template you can download here. If you want to up the fine motor skill development for the craft have your little one cut out the template themselves.

Once you have the template cut it’s time for the fun part! I used two shades of green Do-A-Dot Markers but if you only have one shade it will still work. You could even let them do rainbow colors.

I just held the template down with my hand but if you have little toddlers it might be easier to tape it down with some painter’s tape. You could even use washi tape if you have it lying around.

Make sure they dot all around the edge of the template. Printing it out will make it easier to see since it will be black and not blend in with the paper like mine does. Once they are done you can lift up the template to reveal the finished picture.

The final result really is fun and makes a nice display piece. My kids love to hang their artwork so it’s nice to have a few that actually look like something. Seasonal crafts also alleviate the need to buy as much seasonal decor since my kids basically want to wallpaper our home with it lol.

Let me know what you think! I always love hearing feedback. And if you like it feel free to share to Pinterest- I love re-pins!


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