Fun Kids Activity: Floral Celery Stamp Paintings!

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I’ve been meaning to try this for awhile and just never seemed to get around to it! We finally did it this week after I made a pot of homemade soup! D loved it and it was a fun use of something that would have just been composted!

We started by making the flowers by using the cut celery stalk. I used a chef knife to cut off the end evenly so it would stamp well. I let him use it to stamp craft paint flowers. I think they look like roses or carnations.

 After admiring the flowers we decided we needed something more on our
paintings so we used a single celery stalk to stamp green leaves on our


I love the final result! It was so easy and D had a lot of fun! These would make BEAUTIFUL greeting cards! I think I’m going to get some blank cards for him to stamp on next time. That way we can use them for birthday cards or thank you notes. 


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