Green Stamps from the USPS

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The United States Postal Service has released a series of Forever Stamps that give suggestions on how to “Go Green.” The stamps are a cute reminder of easy things we can do everyday. They are the same price as other stamps and never subject to price increases.

The USPS website offers the following description: “Go Green, a pane of 16 stamps, is the Postal Service’s social awareness issue for 2011. Award-winning animator, filmmaker, and illustrator Eli Noyes worked with Art Director Derry Noyes on his first stamp project, using a colorful, playful style to convey the message that every American can take simple actions to conserve energy and improve the environment. These Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce rate.” 

You can pick the stamps up at your local post office or buy online at on the USPS website.


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