Grow Your Own Sweet Potatoes!

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I love gardening and every year I come across a new project that I love. This year it is definitely my sweet potatoes! The plants in the picture were all grown from ONE organic sweet potato! I can’t wait until the fall to harvest them. I wish I had known how easy it is to grow them years ago.


  • Slice a sweet potato in half. 
  • Place each half in a shallow dish with water- cut side down.
  • Wait for it to grow!
  • When plants begin to get white roots twist them off of the potato and plant in soil.

Seriously- that’s all I did.  The only thing I would change was I would have put them in in a larger pot. Make sure to use an organic sweet potato… non-organics can be treated with chemicals to prevent them from sprouting.

I’ll make sure to update as the plant grows and when I harvest them. They are supposed to get pretty purple flowers which I am really looking forward to.


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