{Guest Post} A Few Little-known Facts About Recycling

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Post is a guest post by Sophia Evans***Few people today remain unaware of the importance of
recycling and taking further necessary steps to better our planet. Some
information about Eco-friendly activity is better known than other information.
For instance, it’s pretty easy these days to find a recycle bin for used paper
even if you don’t live in a neighborhood where recyclables are picked up at the
curb, but you might not be aware of some of the steps corporations take to be
Eco-friendly. Let’s take a look at some Eco-friendly corporations and a couple
of things you can do to be more earth friendly yourself.

metals decreases the demand for freshly mined metals. In turn, this decrease results
in fewer destructive mining practices worldwide. Brilliant Earth recycles
precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze and refines them before
incorporating the metals into engagement rings and other unique diamond pieces. Do your part by sorting through your
old jewelry box and recycle any pieces of jewelry you no longer wear or want.

Under Armour is taking a new take on performance- by incorporating green technology in
their performance products.  Under Amour’s green products are made from
recycled plastic bottles.  Products made from recycled materials reduce
waste to landfills and reduce the need for raw materials derived from fossil fuels.

you put plastic bottles in the curbside recycling, but throw the caps in the
trash, you will be interested to know that beauty retailer Aveda collects
twist-on and flip-top caps for recycling with their “RecycleCaps with Aveda” program.  The Recycle Caps program accepts
#5 plastic caps and/or lids for recycling. Once collected, they are sent to a
recycler where they’re sorted, cleaned, melted down and ground into pellets,
then turned into new bottle caps for Aveda hair care products.

you wear out cell phones as fast as I do, you might be feeling guilty about the
pile of unusable phones sitting in your desk drawer. Did you know that you can
recycle old phones?  Most communities have collection sites for the
recycling of old phones. If you don’t know where to take your old phones to
have them recycled, ask at your service provider’s store or go to a local
electronics store.

Having knowledge about eco-friendly activities
doesn’t help unless we incorporate that knowledge into our everyday lives.
Although most people know about available ways to recycle paper, not everyone
does it. Did you know that if every American recycled a mere tenth of their
newspapers, about 25 million trees would be saved each year?

More products can be recycled than those that are
picked up on the curb. With a little bit of extra effort, many products can be
saved from the landfill and be recycled into new items. This can have profound
impacts on helping save energy, materials, and the environment.   


I am a stay at
home mom, living in Upstate New York and blogging about Eco-friendly lifestyle
tips.  I find that it is easy to transition into a green lifestyle by
making the small changes; I am always staying up to date with the latest news
and trends in the green community.  I try my best to live the best green,
sustainable life as I can!  I enjoy the outdoors, spending time with my
family, and staying fit and healthy by running and biking.  For more
information you can visit my blog: sophcalledlife.blogspot.com


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