Harry Potter Party Ideas

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Harry Potter party ideas

Harry Potter Party Decorations

This year for my boys’ birthday party they picked Harry Potter as the theme and I could not have been more thrilled! I feel like I’ve been waiting their whole lives to throw a Harry Potter party lol. They wanted to go to the local trampoline park so they handled most of the food etc. I had so much fun planning out the fun little details though and hopefully there are some ideas you can use. I thought everything was pretty budget friendly, too!

Harry Potter Party Favors: Chocolate Snitches

For party favorites I made chocolate snitches out of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and I love how they turned out! I ordered these large boxes of candy plus a set of wings with adhesive dots from Amazon. They were super easy to assemble. I did remove the sticker on the candy and put it on top because I liked the way it looked. The dots are SUPER sticky- they actually peeled off my nail polish!

Harry Potter party favor chocolate snitch made from Ferrero Rocher

What You Need to Make Chocolate Snitches:


Magic Wand Pencils

I also added in magic wand pencils to the favors because I thought they were fun. I like stuff that’s consumable and won’t take up space in people’s houses lol. My kids wanted to keep them so they were definitely a hit.

wand pencils

Harry Potter Themed Cupcakes and Stand

I ended up ordering the cupcakes from Publix then adding some extra decorations. We did half chocolate and half vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and gold sprinkles to match the snitches. Then we added edible gold star glitter to them and it really made them pop! Edible Star Sprinkles: https://amzn.to/3q9adjO 

metallic gold stars sprinkles


Harry Potter gold sprinkle cupcakes

I ordered cute decorations to stick in the cupcakes and they were a hit with the kids. We actually had quite a few take them home lol. My boys also enjoyed adding the decorations to the cupcakes. Cupcake decorations: https://amzn.to/452fw3i 

Harry Potter cupcakes

We placed all the cupcakes on this cute stand I ordered off of Amazon. I like how it gave the shape of a cake with the ease of cupcakes. Cupcake stand: https://amzn.to/3rPDUHd 

Harry Potter cupcake stand with cupcakes



My youngest son INSISTED we have a snowy owl stuffy as part of the party decor lol. I have to admit she is super cute.

stuffed snowy owl toy

Owl: https://amzn.to/3OfZBYw 

Harry Potter Photo Prop

The kids had fun taking photos with this photo prop. I thought it was a little flimsy so we glued it to a piece of foam board to make it more sturdy. I’m planning to make a collage of all the photos for their scrapbooks.

Harry Potter photo prop sign


The boys had so much fun at their party and I loved making everything for it! I’m excited to see what they pick next year.



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