How I Made $29.95 in 10 Minutes

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Don’t worry; this isn’t a post shilling my new multi-level marketing scheme. It IS, however, an important post. Today I “made” $29.95 by mending one of our hanging wet bags.

Let me explain.

We’ve had several rounds of illness the past year that have required that I bleach our diaper laundry. This has caused one of our large hanging wet bags to develop a hole in the fabric around the handle so it was no longer able to be hung up. The PUL was still in perfect condition so rather than buy a new one I mended the one we already had.

In this age of planned obsolescence the idea that we should fix something when it breaks can sound downright foreign. But it’s worth doing. Besides saving money by not buying a new wet bag, I also avoided adding yet one more thing to the landfill prematurely. I also was able to talk to my older son about caring for the things we own and how we can repair fabrics through sewing- it became a teachable moment.

We tend to focus on ways to earn more money or how to save on the things we buy. We forget that NOT buying something saves us the most money! I’d much rather put that $29.95 towards a new zoo pass to make memories with the boys.

Mending, darning, and repairing items have saved us thousands of dollars over the years. I fully intend to teach my boys how to mend and sew.

Have you fixed something recently rather than buying a new one? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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