I’m Back! Review of Crystal Deodorant Stick

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I stopped blogging when I was in grad school and just haven’t had a chance to get back into it. Now that it’s summer vacation I have time to blog again and it feels great!

Today I am going to review Crystal Deodorant. I switched to Crystal in October because I was worried about Aluminum antiperspirant and the risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. Although the peer reviewed data hasn’t yet conclusively found a connection I thought that it was worth switching just in case.

Crystal is a mineral stick. It feels like the rock candy I ate as a kid except that it is smooth. You wet it under the faucet then rub it on like you would any other deodorant. I tend to rub for at least 15-20 seconds on each side. Also, it’s important to apply it in the morning and before bed.

I have found it to be pretty effective. The first few days are rough because you still have antiperspirant in your pores. I sweat a TON the first couple of days. After about a week I noticed that my body adjusted and I began to sweat less than I did when I wore antiperspirant. There is also no noticible body odor except after an intense workout and who doesn’t shower after that anyways?

The really amazing benefit I have found it how frugal it actually is! I initially began using it for health and environmental reasons but am stunned by how much I love this product for it’s frugality. I am still using the same crystal from October and it is June! I would have gone through several of my old deodorants by now. I also no longer have white stains on my clothes nor do I have yellow marks on my white tee shirts’ underarms- those yellow stains are actually caused by the aluminum in antiperspirant not your natural sweat.

Overall, I think this is a 5/5 star product! It is better for my health, lasts for a ridiculously long time, less packaging goes into landfills because it lasts so long, and my clothes are lasting longer.

***No sponsorship provided for this post- I bought this product at CVS 🙂


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