Lunapads Review

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I’ve been waiting awhile (for obvious reasons!) to complete this review of Lunapads‘ cloth menstrual products. As odd as it sounds I was actually excited when the time came so I could try them out. Lunapads sent a pantyliner (left) and a maxi pad (right) for me to review.

The first thing I noticed was how soft the material was. Even after washing they remained very, very soft. One of the things I like the most about cloth menstrual pads is how soft they are. The snaps were different than other pads I’ve tried because they are made of metal instead of plastic. I was a little concerned but found that they worked just as well as the plastic snaps.

Pantyliner and maxi pad folded and snapped:

I tried the pantyliner first and it worked great! It is a little longer than my Imse Vimse panty liners

which was nice. They stayed in place well and I didn’t have a lot of sliding.

 I decided for the maxi pad that I should use it without my Diva Cup to be able to write the most honest review. I wore the maxi pad to work at cheer camp and put it to the test.

The maxi pad comes in two parts- the pad that snaps around your underwear (left) and the insert (right). The pad has rik-rak type ribbon that holds the insert in place. I think the idea is that you can change the insert and use the same pad for multiple changes. I have such a heavy flow that the ribbon was soiled so I had to change it anyway. Otherwise, the pad worked really well. I didn’t have any leaks. I was actually surprised by how much it held. Because the insert was red I didn’t really think I had soiled it very much. When I rinsed it out I was shocked by just how soiled it actually was- these things are VERY absorbent.

Another thing I like about Lunapads is that they are a really great company. Their slogan is “eco positive periods” and they really do a lot of positive work. One program is called One4Her.

“For every eligible purchase, Lunapads will provide a girl in need with a Ugandan-made AFRIpad to support her education.” I like this buy one give one model better than other companies’ because Lunapads doesn’t just send a product to Africa- they support women by purchasing Ugandan-made pads. In this way they are giving a hand-up instead of a handout and don’t take jobs away from local women. The pads they distribute help keep girls in school who would otherwise be unable to attend during menstruation. Check out this video on how the program works:

Lunapads are made in Canada and the company is an ethical, social-mission based business. They support feminist values and are active in helping prevent waste from ending up in landfills. They are a company I feel good about supporting.

If you are unsure about trying out cloth menstrual pads but are curious, Lunapads will send you a  sample pantyliner for the cost of shipping ($5) plus send you a coupon for $5 off your next order. I think this is a great way to tryout cloth pads and support a great company.


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