My Skincare Routine at 40

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This is probably one of the most requested posts and to be honest I’ve always resisted doing it. The main reason is because I KNOW my skincare routine is overly complicated and convoluted. The other reason is that I feel like it changes so frequently. I LOVE skincare products and when part of your job is trying out all the new stuff it’s natural to constantly be switching things up. Hello my name is Nicole and I am a face goo addict.

With turning 40 this month I’ve had so many people admit to me they don’t do much for their skin beyond wash it and maybe use a moisturizer. SO, for the first time, I’m going to breakdown what I do- at least today as a newly minted 40 year old. I reserve the right to change it next week though lol.

My plan is to share my AM and PM routine essentials and then list the “extras.” Basically, the things I like to mix in but are not REALLY necessary. That way it’s a truthful reflection of what I ACTUALLY do while still providing a more basic framework for a normal person who doesn’t have a shopping problem.

Morning Skincare Routine

  • Wash Face
    • Boscia Gel Cleanser – this has been amazing for my skin and is very gentle. I use Sulwhasoo Foaming Cleanser   at night and it’s fine in the morning so if you just want one you can do the Sulwhasoo; I just still have a few of the Boscia so I’m using them up.
    • PMD Clean Rose Quartz – I absolutely love this thing! I didn’t think I needed the rose quartz feature but it’s so nice- it feels like a hot stone massage on your face. If you can spring for this version it’s worth it, otherwise the regular one is awesome, too.
  • Apply Sunday Riley CEO Afterglow Vitamin C Moisturizer – I feel like this gives my skin a really nice glow. If you want something without actives I also love Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk

Nighttime Skincare Routine

How to Double Cleanse

I did want to go into more detail about double cleansing because it’s made such a positive difference for my skin. I will tell anybody who asks that they need to be double cleansing lol. In truth, I would actually call what I do triple cleansing because there are 3 steps.

  1. Apply oil cleanser to your DRY face using your fingers. Massage it into your face removing make up. Wet fingers with water and massage face again. I repeat this with a little more water then rinse my face thoroughly. Some people like to wipe their face with a wash cloth before rinsing.
  2. Use a wet makeup eraser to wipe any remaining makeup off. I especially focus on making sure all my eye makeup is off.
  3. Wash face with gel or cream cleanser. I use it with my PMD clean but you can also just use your hands. Then rinse thoroughly. My favorite is the Sulwhasoo Foaming Cleanser and my favorite Cream Cleanser is from Sunday Riley. In my opinion this is just a personal preference thing- both are awesome. I prefer the Sulwhasoo though.

Weekly/Periodic Skincare Items

  • I dermaplane with Tinkle Eyebrow razors around once a week or so. Basically when I start to feel the little hairs growing back because I like the way my makeup looks without them.
  • I love my PMD Microderm tool but honestly I forget to use it most of the time and only end up doing it every other week or so.

And there you have it- all the products I stuff I use on my face. Like I said, I’ll probably find something else in a week that I love lol. But at least I have something in writing I can reference you guys to when you ask!


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