Sight Word Target Practice + Free Sight Word Lists

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We are working hard in our home to avoid summer brain drain and sight words are arguably the most difficult thing to get my soon to be 6 year old to practice. We’ve come up with a lot of fun ways to go over them but I think this is his favorite! He is a big NERF fan (his birthday party was NERF themed last year) and this feels more like playing than working for him. It’s rare for him to ASK to practice sight words but he actually WANTS to do this activity!

How We Do Sight Word NERF Target Practice

I use a small white board but if you don’t have one paper would work, too. I write 6-8 words on the board and we start by me asking him to hit a certain word. After he’s able to do that correctly every time I switch it up. He then selects a word, reads it, then hits it. You can make the target practice easier or more difficult by having them move closer or further away. We have a variety of NERF toys but I like these small ones for this activity because cocking them ends up also strengthening motor skills.

What You Need:

Free Sight Word List Printable

If you don’t already have a list of sight words I’ve upload ours from our school district for you. You can download it for free here: link to download

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