Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Here are some ideas to celebrate: plant a container herb garden have a picnic go on a nature walk plant a tree go to a state or national park organize a… View Post

Being Present in Your Present

Last Sunday I made pot roast for dinner. As I cut up the vegetables and trimmed the meat I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the wonderful meal we would enjoy. The roast was… View Post

Rising food costs + political turmoil + natural disasters= time to prepare

I am usually not the kind of person to sound like an alarmist (I leave that to my dad) but there are a few reasons EVERYONE should have their stockpile in order.  According to this… View Post

The Tangible and Intangible Benefits of Gardening

    Most people who know me know that I love flowers. What many of them don’t know is how much I love to garden. There are so many benefits to gardening and it’s not just… View Post

Compostable sneakers- the next big thing or just odd?

        So I read thisarticle on compostable sneakers and was intrigued by the idea. At first I envisioned sneakers that melted off your feet when it rained. Apparently, they are a little more durable… View Post