A green funeral?

  I know funerals are not a particularly happy topic and most people don’t like discussing their “final arrangements” but I came across this article on  a message board and was intrigued. The article discusses… View Post

Free Books! Save money on Paperback Swap

One of my all time favorite frugal websites is paperback swap. It’s a free service where you list books you don’t want anymore and request books you do. Each book is worth a credit. You… View Post

New Year Tips

      I always feel like the New Year is a stressful time. There’s the pressure to come up with resolutions, advertisements telling us to lose weight, and a myriad of chores calling out to us… View Post

Post – Christmas Frugal Projects

     Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone. I have found the easiest way to ease Christmas stress is to begin preparations December 26th! There are so many ways to save money and… View Post

Reduce Paper Products!

Paper products are not only bad for the environment but are also costly. We started reducing our use of paper items and I was SHOCKED at how much money we saved. So here are a… View Post