Sharing Frugality

    One of my favorite things is when I can inspire others to live frugally. This past weekend I visited my best friend in Northern Virgina. We sat down together with the newspaper and I… View Post

Green vs. Gross— Where do YOU draw the line?

        Today’s post was inspired by my younger brother. When Rob and I were home for Thanksgiving my brother had an interesting reaction to one of our “habits.” In order to use less water and… View Post

Why do we choose a frugal, green lifestyle?

    I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and she said something that really made me think. I was explaining to her how we had saved $50 last month by… View Post

A green funeral?

  I know funerals are not a particularly happy topic and most people don’t like discussing their “final arrangements” but I came across this article on  a message board and was intrigued. The article discusses… View Post

Free Books! Save money on Paperback Swap

One of my all time favorite frugal websites is paperback swap. It’s a free service where you list books you don’t want anymore and request books you do. Each book is worth a credit. You… View Post