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There are few things more special than personalized gifts. Every year I’ve secretly hoped for something with my kids’ initials and I’ve been disappointed. It’s my own fault because I have a hard time asking for things I want and usually just stick with practical things like a robot vacuum (true story- Mother’s Day last year lol).

I think this is why I was so excited to partner with Sarah Cornwell Jewelry to share her personalized jewelry collection. Each piece is handmade with love in her home studio by her team of just seven women. I love supporting female owned small businesses so this was a no-brainer for me but I did not expect to be blown away as much as I was!

Personalized Camilla Necklace

I knew I wanted something with my children’s initials so I selected the Camilla necklace. It has a disc for each child and a chalcedony stone on an 18 inch chain. Aqua is my favorite color and it’s the perfect sea glass color.

I didn’t realize until I started researching this post that chalcedony is often found in weathering volcanic rock. I’ve been very open about our struggle with infertility and my 6 year journey to motherhood. Chalcedony is said to absorb negative energy and transform melancholy into joy. I can’t think of a more appropriate stone to represent my boys. I weathered a volcanic storm through infertility and my deepest sorrow turned into my greatest joy. I will treasure this necklace always and it will be a constant reminder of the beautiful things that can come from our struggles.

Rachel Earrings

For earrings, I selected the Rachel earrings. They are hammered sterling silver and so pretty and dainty. I like that they are so lightweight and don’t irritate my ears. My ears are super sensitive so earrings can be a bit tricky for me. I was able to wear these all day without any irritation at all!

Both the earrings and the necklace come in sterling silver and 14K gold filled. I know that gold is more trendy right now but I have always been more partial to silver jewelry so that’s what I decided to go with. The way the hammering is done makes the earrings reflect the light so beautifully. I think either the gold or silver would be gorgeous.

The Perfect Gift

The packaging is so lovely and shows such attention to detail. They really are perfect for gifting! That being said, I feel like I learned an important lesson this week: stop waiting for someone to gift you personalized jewelry. I wish I had purchased a necklace like this years ago instead of just wanting it and hoping someday I would receive one. I think in my head I thought it would mean more if I received it as a gift if that makes sense. The reality is it’s still so precious and special to me. If you want something with your children’s initials or birth dates etc I encourage you to purchase it for yourself- you won’t be disappointed! I am absolutely thrilled with my necklace and I always love supporting small female owned businesses. A win-win for sure! If you want to purchase something from Sarah Cornwell Jewelry you can save 10% with code NICOLE10


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