Review: Green Earth Pan by Ozeri

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When I was asked by Ozeri to review their Green Earth Pan I jumped at the chance. Our pans were starting to lose their non-stick coating and I was looking for a healthier alternative. Unfortunately, the holidays got in the way and in took me far too long to get around to reviewing the pan. I am happy to say that this pan was worth the wait!

Out of the box you can tell that this pan is different from its non-stick cousins. The pan has a Greblon ceramic coating made in Germany that is PTFE abd PFOA free. There are no heavy metals or chemicals in used in making the pan which was important to me. It also does not emit any harmful fumes since the coating is ceramic.

One thing I thought was fun was the green color on the outside of the pan. I thought this was a nice touch. I also liked the textured cooking surface which surprised me since I have never owned a pan with a textured surface before.

Before using the pan I washed it with soap and water. I then seasoned it with a tiny drop of olive oil like the instructions said to do. I decided to put the Green Earth Pan to the test with a meal that my old pans were currently failing at: bacon and eggs!

My old pans were having a horrible time with the eggs sticking and breaking when trying to flip or remove them… particularly after cooking bacon. I thought this would be an excellent test. I cooked the bacon first with no problems.

When it came time to cook the eggs I was skeptical. What I found was almost shocking- the eggs slide off the surface with ease! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to cook them! Clean up was also a breeze. The ceramic coating is awesome!


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