Sharing Frugality

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    One of my favorite things is when I can inspire others to live frugally. This past weekend I visited my best friend in Northern Virgina. We sat down together with the newspaper and I explained how to combine coupons with loss leaders to purchase products for free or for pennies. I don’t know why, but sharing frugality makes me happy. I love helping other people save money. I think that in some ways society has made talking about saving money a sort of taboo. I don’t understand why people are embarrassed to share their adventures in couponing. I think we need a cultural shift where we embrace sharing our knowledge on how to save money. With much of the world experiencing an economic recession I feel we need to stop being embarrassed about wanting to save money. I joyously share coupons with strangers in the grocery store. My husband thinks I am crazy. Friends bring me coupons they think I will use and I am thrilled. We share so many aspects of our lives with our friends. I think it is high time we share frugality as well. Who knows, maybe others will embrace sharing coupons with strangers in the grocery store as well. We can call it coupon philanthropy 🙂


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  1. Aimee Nadow
    January 21, 2011 / 5:15 pm

    Nicole: I appreciate every element of "Coupon Philanthropy" that you share with your blog readers. Since when did it become cool to be naieve and wasteful about money? I resent that. Consider this my punch in the glass ceiling of Pride: I'd rather be smart and savvy than full of………pride;)