Soap Clouds!

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At camp this week we did a “science experiment.” I use the term experiment loosely, but it got the kids really excited! Soap cloud are a fun way to learn about molecules and how atoms move faster when they are heated.


  • Ivory Soap- for some reason it has to be Ivory
  • Microwave


  1. I broke the bars of soap in half to make it go further- you can just use your hands to easily snap it or you can do a whole bar
  2. Place soap in microwave
  3. Microwave soap 1-1:30 minutes- watch it grow!
  4. Remove soap cloud and allow it to cool
  5. Have fun!

 The clouds are fluffy and fun but a little fragile. They are great to play with outside or even to take in the bath tub. It makes a fun, frugal activity with a little bit of science mixed in.


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