Teacher Appreciation Gifts / End of Year Teacher Gift Idea

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As a former teacher I have seen lots of gifts. While gift cards are always popular, I usually like to give something with mine. I tend to like practical gifts that can be used up and not make clutter. The last thing most teachers need is another coffee mug. I love this idea of gifting summer sun essentials because it’s practical and consumable so it won’t collect dust. I even made a free printable for it!

Sun Bum Sunscreen Set Teacher Gift Idea

This Sun Bum set is a great way to give a summer themed gift without a lot of time. The set is packaged with a travel bag and includes sunscreen, SPF Lip Balm, and Cool Down Hydrating After Sun Lotion. You could even add a cute beach towel if you want.


What You Need:


Summer Teacher Gift Directions:

  1. Print out the free printable
  2. Cut the tags into fours
  3. Hole punch the tag and the box
  4. Tie the tag to the box with a piece of ribbon

Teacher Gift Free Printable

While you can make any kind of tag you want I did make a free printable one for you! This would work best with card stock but you can also use regular printer paper.

Download the PDF here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MDmAQIQGKxq6xZS9lU5I0LTZcnF2gO3B/view?usp=sharing 


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