The Best Beach Bags and Pool Totes: Comparing Bogg Bags and Simple Modern

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Is the bogg bag worth it?

Living in Florida I have QUITE a collection of beach and pool bags. We spend a lot of time swimming and toting around our swim gear so I feel well qualified to share which ones are the very best. If you are wondering if the Bogg Bag is worth it, I’m giving you all the details to help you decide which bag is the best one for you.


Bogg Bag Large

Green large Bogg Bag

I love my large Bogg bag. If you need to lug a bunch of kid stuff to the beach or pool this is THE bag to do it. Bogg Bags have a cult like following because they are super durable, easy to clean, and waterproof. I really like that if a wave comes the stuff in the bottom of my bag stays dry. They are also super durable and mine still looks like new every though I’ve been rough with it. I’ve literally hosed it down outside after going to the beach- cleaning it is THAT easy. I’ve heard them called rubber beach bags but they are actually made of EVA and similar to Croc sandals. Note that this size is sometimes called large Bogg Bag and sometimes listed as extra large Bogg Bag; it’s the same thing. My Bogg Beach bag is truly a workhorse.

Get it here: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/PHLy 

Here’s a photo of me holding it so you can see JUST how large it actually is:

woman at beach with green extra large bogg bag

Baby Bogg Bag

Blue Baby Bogg bag at pool

I loved my large Bogg Bag so much I ended up getting a Baby Bogg for traveling. I love the large size but it’s REALLY big and I wanted something smaller for when I travel on my own. The Baby Bogg has the same durability and waterproof construction I love about my large one but in a smaller size. If you are looking for something to carry a lot of stuff this isn’t the one. It’s great for just my stuff though and easily fits a beach towel, water bottle, sunscreen, keys, phone, kindle etc.

Get it here: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/l9rE 

Simple Modern Beach Bag

Pink Simple Modern Beach bag

When Simple Modern said they were releasing their own version of the beach tote I knew I HAD to get one to compare! We love out Simple Modern water bottles and lunch boxes so I was already a fan of the brand. Size wise it falls in between the large Bogg Bag and the Baby Bog Bag and is a good “medium” size option. It has the same durable and waterproof style construction as well. The biggest different is how the handles are attached. I actually really like their design because the handles don’t get twisted like they do on my Bogg Bags.

Get it here: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/Aydx 

Is a Bogg Bag Worth It?

Having owned one now since 2021 I really do believe Bogg Bags are worth it. They are spendy but I use mine SO much. If you have kids and are bring lots of stuff to the pool and beach you really can’t beat the large size Bogg Bag. If you don’t need a bag quite as big or want a more budget friendly option that’s still high quality I really think the Simple Modern beach bag is a great option.


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