The Ultimate List of Easter Basket Ideas for Little Kids

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The ULTIMATE list of ideas for Easter Basket fillers for little kids. Junk free ideas that moms and kids will love.

I’ve written before about avoiding junk for Christmas and Easter so it’s probably no surprise that we are avoiding tiny plastic crap again this year for Easter. I LOVE everything about celebrating holidays… except bringing stuff into my house that won’t be used and just becomes clutter.

Since my kids have moved beyond the baby and toddler stage I figured I’m overdue for an updated Easter list for little kids. I’m serving up a list of ideas that are sure to delight the little ones and still keep mom sane. No tiny plastic junk required.

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I’m not opposed to candy in their Easter baskets but I try to keep it a minimum and focus on quality over quantity. They always get a chocolate bunny and some Reeses’s Eggs. This year I’m also throwing in a few Kinder Eggs because they love them and I won’t buy them any other time of the year.

Art Supplies

Art supplies are some of my favorite Easter basket fillers. They are my go-to for limiting the candy and I like that they are consumable so they don’t become clutter. I posted a few of my favorite mess-free art supplies in this post. I always restock the basics like crayons and markers and usually throw in pack of construction paper. We are good on KwikStix for now but they are getting new Dot Markers. I also always get them new sidewalk chalk for spring. I have a list of our must-haves on my Amazon Storefront.

Summer Essentials

I also make sure to check my kids’ summer wardrobes and I buy new swimsuits, sun hats, goggles, Pottery Barn Kids beach towels etc for the pool. My boys are usually due for new swim shirts by now so I’ll be adding those. I also usually toss in a bottle of sunscreen. We don’t currently need sunglasses but the Rivbos ones from Amazon were a hit at Christmas and would be great in Easter baskets, too. I’m also replacing their sand toys that wore out for the beach. I think they are going to love the big shovels I picked out! Pool toys and floats like these dive rockets are always a great idea as well.

Rain Boots and Garden Supplies

I’ve seen so many adorable pictures of people using rain boots or umbrellas as Easter baskets- SO cute! My boys love rain boots and I’ve put the Croc ones in their baskets before. I’ve also done little sets of gardening tools and a watering can (we love the Green Toys one) along with packets of seeds for them to plant. My mom always put seed packets and new gardening gloves in our Easter Baskets so I like continuing the tradition. If you don’t want to fuss with picking out all the supplies, Green Toys has a set that includes pots, seeds, soil discs, and a shovel.

The “It” Thing

This changes year to year but there’s usually SOMETHING that they are obsessed with. This year it’s Pokemon for us. I’ll put some cards in their baskets for each of them and I found some cute Pokemon tees I’ll add. My oldest is also getting a Pokemon book. Whatever it is that your child is currently obsessing over, it’s fun to find a few things that coordinate with it whether it be stickers, a t-shirt, Fortnite V-bucks… whatever.

Board Games and Puzzles

I usually try to add smaller games or puzzles to their baskets. We are good on puzzles right now but my older son is getting Kanoodle. Other small games like UNO, My First Banagrams, Eye Found It cards, or Boggle are fun, too. I have a whole list of games linked on my Amazon Storefront if you need ideas.

New Water Bottles

I wanted to wait until Easter but my kids lost so many of our water bottles I had to give them a set early. I’ll probably grab them each one more for their baskets though.

A Word on Easter Eggs

For our Easter egg hunt I always fill the eggs with change because that’s what my parents did. We always have a special golden egg with a dollar bill. They get to put the money in their piggy banks which they love and I don’t have plastic junk toys to contend with.


Let me know what you think about my recommendations in the comments. I also love hearing what you are doing for your kids.


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  1. Ashh
    March 26, 2021 / 1:40 am

    These are all thoughtful gifts for the basket.

  2. March 26, 2021 / 8:49 am

    These are all such cute ideas!!

  3. March 26, 2021 / 9:24 am

    I always put in summer supplies too! The rain boots are a great idea and so springy!

  4. March 28, 2021 / 2:50 pm

    Money in the Easter egg is brilliant! I think this is such a great way to do Easter baskets, a little bit of everything!