Thumbprint Ornaments to Make With Kids

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These little thumbprint ornaments are SO easy to make and super cute. We love hanging them on the tree each year. The little Rudolph Reindeer one is so easy to make and my kids just love them.

Super easy thumbprint ornaments to make with kids that are also cute! Handmade kids Rudolph reindeer ornaments.

What You Need:


  1. Use a pigment archival ink pad to place thumbprint in middle of ornament. The ink pad works SO much better than paint. It’s truly the trick to making these easy.
  2. Let the ink dry completely! Patience is important here.
  3. Use the sharpie to add eyes and antlers.
  4. Add gem for the nose.
  5. Make sure to write the child’s name and the year on the back <3
  6. Place string on ornament and hang on tree.

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