Top Tips for Mold Free Bath Time and Water Table Play

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My kids LOVE to play in water! Pool, beach, water table, bath tub- you name it! They are water babies through and through.

Unfortunately I have learned that all water toys are NOT created equal. Especially when it comes to MOLD! It’s been a process but I have finally refined our water toy recommendation list. Mold not included 😉

Tip 1: Avoid squirters at ALL COSTS!

These things are cute but are mold factories! Some moms recommend putting hot glue over the holes or periodically filling them with bleach but I think it’s best to just avoid them all together.

Tip 2: Get organized!

 We have a bath toy organizer similar to this one. The key is selecting one that drains. I also run ours through the washing machine periodically. A mesh laundry bag hung in the shower or near the water table would work, too.

Tip 3: Choose your toys carefully!

Like I said, not all bath toys are created equal. Look for toys that drain on their own or do not hold water. Avoid nooks and crannies that can harbor mold. These are some of our favorites:

These Munchkin boats are BY FAR my kids’ favorite. They use them in the bath every single day. They also love to bring them to the pool and out to the water table. They are deceivingly simple. They float, connect, act as pourers, have holes to act as strainers, can act as color recognition practice, and are numbered based on home making drain holes are in them.

These Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles have brought lots of giggles to bath time at our house! There aren’t any openings to let water in so they don’t mold. 

A rubber duck is a classic bath toy. We have a Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky and I like him because he is solid- you can’t squeeze him to add water! All the fun of a rubber duck without all the mold.

This Munchkin Baby Bath Ball was a gift for my 3 year old’s first Christmas. I was weary that it might be a mold trap but it drains well and we haven’t had any trouble with it. Years later the boys still find it entertaining.

The First Years Stacking Cups set was not originally purchased as a water toy but my boys frequently bring them in the bath a water table! They are inexpensive and the different number holes on the bottom means lots of fun in the water!

Or even just go with old school cups! We like to use the plastic restaurant kids cups and laundry detergent caps.

Tip 4: Make sure everything can dry well when you’re done

This is especially important here in Florida where the humidity is oppressive! I remove all toys from the water table so it can dry completely. Same with the tub. Wet toys sitting = mold. I also recommend keeping your water table more simple; too many bells and whistles just provides more places for mold to hide. This is the one we have:

Those are our family’s top tips for mold free water fun! Let me know some of yours in the comments!


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