Using Lunapads for Post-Op Bleeding

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Last week I had laparoscopic surgery for Endometriosis. It went well but I was really uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. Before going to the hospital I had thought about bringing cloth pads for the bleeding but was afraid the nurses might throw them out or they would get lost. After surgery there was a lot of bleeding and I was in the monster sized disposables. The problem was I had no underwear on so it stuck to my leg and hurt me. I also broke out in a rash from it and was so itchy. I couldn’t wait to get home and switch to cloth!

I went with a Lunapads Maxi Pad for the first night back and could probably have used something heavier if I had it. It was such a relief to have the soft cloth against my sensitive areas that were sore from surgery. It’s like the difference between sleeping in a hospital bed and finally getting back into your own. Nothing stuck to me or gave me a rash- it was so much more comfortable which is important when everything else was in pain.

This experience has convinced me that I need to stock up on postpartum pads for when I finally get pregnant. There is no way I want disposables against me again during that sensitive time! I will be bringing them to the hospital with me.

Although there aren’t a lot of times in our life when we need pads for medical purposes other than menstruation I thought this was an important thing to mention. I am 4 days post-op and Lunapads made this time much more comfortable for me. If you have to be in pain you should at least be able to be comfortable!


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