Vont LED Outdoor Solar Light Review

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My elderly dog has been needing to go out more and more at night and I’ve been thinking we need more light in the garden for her. So when Vont asked me to review their outdoor solar lights it seemed like fortuitous timing. I have some Vont lights we use for camping and hurricanes so I knew I already liked the brand.

The Vont Solar Lights come in a two pack and can either be mounted or staked into the ground. Since I wanted mine to help light the garden for my dog I decided to use the ground stakes. I like that they come with all the hardware to use them either way. The light can also be angled up or down and are waterproof.  It’s nice how versatile they are.

The lights have an on off switch on the back. I leave them on since they automatically sense the light and turn on automatically when it’s dark outside. The solar power works very well; they are quite bright when they come on. They do dim somewhat for us around 4am or so but still provide a decent amount of light.

Overall, I am very pleased with the lights and definitely recommend them! I’m going to purchase another set so I can light the entire path in our garden. I think it’s helped our little dog a lot to be able to see where she’s going since her eyesight is getting so bad. If you are looking for outdoor lights these are a fantastic option. You can pick them up on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3nf5ecZ


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